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"He is called ‘Safra Rabbah’ not for having written in plain ink on ordinary parchment but rather for having written the inner Torah scroll on the consciousness of Israel"

" נקרא 'ספרא רבה' אין זה בזכות כתיבתו בדיו פשוט על קלף רגיל... כי הוא כתב את ספר התורה הפנימי בתודעתם של ישראל "

Based on references to Moshe Rabbeinu as “Safra Rabbah” (Sotah 13b) from a yahrzeit lecture delivered by Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik at Yeshiva University’s Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary on January 12, 1959

Dear Friend,

It is a great privilege to have been chosen to assume the mantle of leadership at Ohr Torah Stone, the Modern Orthodox network of institutions and social action programs which Rabbi Riskin envisioned, established, and nurtured for 35 years.

Rabbi Riskin’s view from the very beginning of his rabbinical career has been that a synagogue can and must play an integral role in the Jewish community at large, and in the lives of all Jews, whatever their background, level of knowledge or degree of observance was revolutionary. It drove his historically-significant 19-year career at Lincoln Square Synagogue.

His impact extended far beyond the confines of the synagogue’s location on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. The rabbinical leadership model championed by Rabbi Riskin had a profound influence on countless young rabbis setting out on their own careers all over North America. He served as an inspiration for me and so many others.

What is true for me is also true for so many of you. Rabbi Riskin has given us all so much, and now is the time to express our gratitude for everything he has done for each of us personally, for his years of devotion to the Jewish people and for his never ceasing concern for our common future. It is most fitting to dedicate a Sefer Torah in honor of a true living Torah.

The entirety of Rabbi Riskin’s life’s work has been dedicated in service to the Jewish People; it is therefore appropriate that we take the opportunity to express hakarat hatov, showing our gratitude. As such, a broad range of sponsorship opportunities are available, so that we can all join together as an expression of our collective gratitude for Rabbi Riskin’s vision, dedication, and decades of selfless devotion and commitment to God, His Torah and His people. Please join us in this fitting tribute.


Rabbi Kenneth Brander
President and Rosh HaYeshiva

Rabbi Riskin Over the Years

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