“The Torah calls out to us, sometimes comforting and sometimes chiding, sometimes as appearing from the distant past and sometimes as if from the immediate present, but always with the imperative that we change our ways and reach for a higher level of morality and sanctity."

Rabbi Shlomo Riskin
For half a century, Rabbi Shlomo Riskin has been one of the Jewish community’s most articulate and most beloved spokespeople for a Judaism of warmth and inclusion, vibrancy and renewal. This is reflected in the depth and expansive reach of his Torah, his enormous influence on the global Jewish outreach movement, his founding leadership of Manhattan’s famed Lincoln Square Synagogue, his historic activism in support of Soviet Jewry, his decades of religious and legal battling on behalf of agunot, his visionary leadership as the founding Chief Rabbi of Efrat, and his herculean role as the founder and chief architect of the international Ohr Torah Stone network. His entire life has been dedicated to the Jewish People and the State of Israel.

a living torah

One of the recurring messages in Rabbi Shlomo Riskin’s teachings is the intrinsic, God-endowed value inherent in every human being. The love and respect Rabbi Riskin shows each individual is also reflected in the Jewish tradition that each individual is represented by a letter in the Torah that corresponds to his or her spiritual identity — which is why, if even one letter is damaged or missing in a Sefer Torah, the entire scroll is unfit for use. So,too, as we pay tribute to Rabbi Riskin — our living Sefer Torah — everyone’s participation is essential and meaningful.

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